Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ABC's Extreme Home Makeover

As a loyal fan to Extreme Makeover, it was vital that I go check it out in my own state. Arlene, mother of three children lost her job last December along with her life long best friend, her husband. She wrote to Extreme Makeover and won the makeover. Currently, the family is at Disney World!

Along my journey to the site, i met neighbors, family members and friends. The house is going up beautifully.

While I was standing in the spectator section, someone tapped me on the shoulder and it was one of my friends from Spring Arbor who travled to South Africa last January.. How crazy..
On top of that.. I saw ITC campers too!!!

Going was such a blessing.. I lost my watch :( It has been very special to me and I will miss it.. Sometimes, you have to turn over a new leaf...
Here are some pictures..
Oh, and no TY was not there.. He was in Missippi getting stuff for the house.. But Paiges and ED were there.. I have pictures :)

The House.. Breath Taking.. They had the house already up, painted, flooring and were starting the landscapping on day 3!!

Paige in her pink get up!! She was really sweet!! But super busy...

Ed was going to build a tree house. .He is the Australian guy who cut his finger with the Saw making the wooden American Flag carving..

My South Africa buddy!!!

I love Extreme Makeover!!


Erin said...

p.s. check out JJ Heller on myspace, I think you'd like her...and you can download her newest cd free :)

Melanie Eccles said...

oh my gosh!!! I'm so jealous! :) I love Homemaker a TON! HOW COOL.