Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interviews, laptops and humans

So, I applied to Michaels Craft Stores today and they called me for an interview on friday. I am excited about that. .I love crafts and I think it could be a fun fit. I am just hoping they will be flexible with my schedule and not make me work my head off because I have some fun things planned for this fall that I would like to get done..

I got my Supoena from court today. I am a little nervous about testifing.. I have never done this before, but it will be for a little girl who was sexually molested by her father. I am very happy to put him away and keep her in a safe enviroment, so I am all for the support and if I can help her in anyway.. This is the best way to do it.

On another my laptop is currently on lifesupport. I believe it will not be with us much longer. I am needing a new one. I feel that prayers are necessary on this one because I do not really have the financial means to do so and I believe that God answers prayers even ones that seem materialistic.. I pray for a new laptop.... or even used.. Just one that I dont have to spend money on, but will get me through the semester.......

And finally humans.. The human race never ceases to amaze me. I am continuing to be in disbelief about how humans are so compassionate and loving..

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