Thursday, August 14, 2008

It just seems to come from everywhere...

When things turn sour in my life, they turn bitter before they get sweet.. My family is always hit on every angle all at once.. We can never have just a small storm, but rather an shattering earth quake..

As I've mentioned our Aunt Mary passed this morning.. This week my brother is having many financial issues.. Many of you know that he suffers from Bipolar, which is a mental health disorder. Individuals with bipolar are no different then individuals who have their apendix explode. Individuals who's apendix explode are treated with medical care. You cant help it if you apendix explodes, it just does. Same thing with individuals with bipolar. They cannot control the fact that their brain doesnt produce or over produces Monamies, which are basically neurtransmitters that help the brain function such as dopamine or norephrine. These individuals are given drugs to help them function.. It is no different then a apendix being removed, but often so much sterotype surrounds mental health disorders and it makes me cleary ANGRY..

As I mentioned he is kind of in a financial mess.. He is a couple months late on his house payment as well as his car payment. God extends me mercy all the time.. In this situation, I am not sure what my role is or how I should help. .I know that I screw up all the time and God extends me mercy, but I dont have all the means to pull him out of this mess either..I know he hasnt made the best decisions, but I know I havent all the time either.. I remember a pastor once saying.. Treat people the way you want God to treat you.. I would want God to extend mercy to me.. How do I extend Mercy and Grace in a loving way, that provides his needs?

On another note.. Possible hurricanes are expected to maybe hit Flordia.. It is too early for weather forecasters to be 100% sure, but it is a possibility.. We really need this Disney trip.. I am praying that it will disappear or it will after we go... prayers are appreciate on all levels for my family..

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