Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Huge Long Update

Wow, I have sured missed blogging...

Flordia was okay. .Not the best trip in the world due to the weather, but we still had a great time.. Hurricane Faye did hit us, so that was adventure.. It wasnt super bad, but enough rain to cover a week... We did enjoy ourselves.

I started classes today, which are stressful.. I am ready to be done with my graduate degree... I just need to keep plugging along with it..

Drew and I are doing well.. We are talking about futuristic things.. Engagment, wedding and such.. We will see...

Last night I went over to Travis and Jamie's house for some WALLE!!! It was a lot of fun!! Love those guys a lot.. I am wanting and needing A) get in a Bible study and B) volunteerings/ getting a job.. It is getting old not having a job, but I know that God has his plan and will find me the right spot..

That is about all... I wanted to post a quick update and I will post pictures to follow when I return home from GVSU!

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