Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation Blessing

Drew and I have been wanting to somewhere for a while together. Now, if Drew was a girl my parents would not think twice about me going with a best friend on vacation. However, the fact is that he a guy and I believe that things are a bit more sticky.
Drew has an entire week off in August.. And I decided to take that same week off too. Yesterday, he was bold enough to ask my dad for what I would like to call the "vacation blessing." He asked my dad if it was okay that we went up to Traverse City for a week and my dad said "yes, you're both adults, I trust you." This is pretty exciting to me because I want my parents to be okay with things, even though I know I am 22, but I still live in their house and want to be respectful of their rules.. So, Drew and I are going on vacation for a week..Up North..

We already plan to go to Great Wolf Lodge for two days.. I need ideas for the second leg of our trip.. Any great up north experiences we should have?? Get back to me!!!

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wheels said...

I'm glad u have such an understading attitude about respecting ur parents... I try 2 do the same! Great Wolf Lodge is a neat place... u and Drew will have fun!
:) I'll think of a suggestion for part 2 and let u know! I'm excited 4 u both to have a break!