Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yesterday, I had an ultra sound. No, I am not pregnant in case you havent read previous posts.. The ultra sound did not go the way I would hope for it to go. They were just going to do a normal ultrasound where they would get a full picture of my ovaries through the stomach, but that was a problem, so instead they did a different kind of ultra sound, which I will spare the details about, but it was rather painful and well, I didnt know they had the technology to do and go where they did.. haha... I can laugh about it..

I will know the results in 2-5 days. I'll keep you kids posted.. In other news.. .I am ready to go on vacation...


wheels said...

Thanks for the uppdate... I'll keep praying and checking 4 futher news. Glad ur spirits are up and hope that vacation comes soon!:)Love ya, Take care Friend!

Anonymous said...

oh yes i've had more than enough of "those" kinds of ultrasounds.

i hope everything is ok!!