Thursday, July 31, 2008


The one thing that I love in this whole wide world is photographs. I am instantly drawn to bright brillant bold colors. I am person who loves color... I am very visual hands on person and learner. Today, I found myself digging through my photographs, looking at the texture and different colors, which composed my pictures. I really believe that we can capture life through a series of snapshots. Life lived well is seen in photographs. The other thing I love about pictures is that one never throws them away. We always keep photos even if they are from hundreds of years ago. I like to think that photo's leave a legacy, they mark history and people remember those distinct moments. My thoughts for today is that you reflect on a photograph that takes you back to a wonderful place in your life. It may be your wedding day picture or the first picture of your child or maybe a simple vacation moment gone bad.. Either way pictures are the souls and history behind human beings.

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