Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A long week of updates

I try to keep this updated on a regular basis, but sometimes my life gets the best of me and I forget about writing.

Sunday I spent the day with Drew at Michigan's Adventure.. It was a wonderful day of fun and relaxation.. I really enjoyed going with him and had a lot of fun in the water park, the swans and even the Ferris Wheel, which he dreaded, but was great fun! We went out to dinner and it was nice to spend some time with his roommates... Good times.

Monday I spent all day writing my research proposal for my Masters SW 690 class. My research project was on people with physical disabilities and employment. I have a lot of friends who are physically disabled and are discriminated in the work force because of their appearance, so you can imagine this is a close subject that is near and dear to my heart. I had to give a presentation on it last night and I was extremely freaked out because I had not paid attention to any of my research classes all semester. The professor is from Tawain and I have an extremely difficult time understanding him and I would just end up tuning him out for half of the class.. I know.. Bad student. .I am a great professional student to say the least..

Tuesday, I spent the day with Kelsey and Andrea. Andrea is headed to the DR (Dominican Republic) for two years to teach 1st grade.. We are so very proud of her and I cant be more excited for her.. I will miss our dear phone coversations, but she has a blog, which will be helpful to stay in touch with her! She is coming home for Christmas, so I will be able to see her then too!! It is exciting... I am hoping to visit her during Spring Break if my internship isn't out of the country or I am hoping to do it near Hatia.. God knows my sense of adventure.. You're either a Tigger or Eeyore.... You gotta decide for youself.... I am definately a tigger and definately a tigger lover for life....

Today I am studying at GVSU for my school social work certification.. If i pass the test it will help make me eligible for my school certification, which will be awesome towards my licensing... sighs.. Its a big day today..

Tommorow is even bigger.. My mom is going in for some testing.. The doctors do not believe she has any cancer, but they found a spot on her mammogram, so she had to go back in for a second one.. And then we are off to pick up all our disney travel information!! We are so stoked for this and really need a vacation..

Well, I need to get studying.. Here are so pictures from our mall date in Lansing...

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Melanie Eccles said...

Sarah! I'm so glad you found my blog and now I found yours! :) I'm so thankful for that book's influence in your life. I love you tons! At this point, don't worry about getting it back to me. I'll try to remember to ask my mom if she thinks they could use it again, but if I don't say differently just hang on to it.
It looks like you're having a God-filled summer and "next stage" of life!

Keep in touch (blogs are good for that!)