Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad Week!

This week has been such a bad week.. Everything seems to be going wrong. First, I get fired, my Aunt is dying of Cancer, and then my dog gets a really bad puncture wound.. The weekend has shaped up to be a bit better.
This afternoon Drew's family had a family get together.. It was nice to be able to see the entire family. .I got some great pictures of the kiddo's.. I think a couple of them are good enough to be sent to LAY'S potatoe chips for some money.. lol.. enjoy..

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wheels said...

Sorry to hear about ur stuggles... I'll b praying 4 u and all involved.... Tough stuff!!!

Glad ur weekend is brighter!!!:)
Cute pics!
Good talkn to u Fri... take care... only a few more days till vacation!!!:)