Thursday, July 31, 2008


The one thing that I love in this whole wide world is photographs. I am instantly drawn to bright brillant bold colors. I am person who loves color... I am very visual hands on person and learner. Today, I found myself digging through my photographs, looking at the texture and different colors, which composed my pictures. I really believe that we can capture life through a series of snapshots. Life lived well is seen in photographs. The other thing I love about pictures is that one never throws them away. We always keep photos even if they are from hundreds of years ago. I like to think that photo's leave a legacy, they mark history and people remember those distinct moments. My thoughts for today is that you reflect on a photograph that takes you back to a wonderful place in your life. It may be your wedding day picture or the first picture of your child or maybe a simple vacation moment gone bad.. Either way pictures are the souls and history behind human beings.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A long week of updates

I try to keep this updated on a regular basis, but sometimes my life gets the best of me and I forget about writing.

Sunday I spent the day with Drew at Michigan's Adventure.. It was a wonderful day of fun and relaxation.. I really enjoyed going with him and had a lot of fun in the water park, the swans and even the Ferris Wheel, which he dreaded, but was great fun! We went out to dinner and it was nice to spend some time with his roommates... Good times.

Monday I spent all day writing my research proposal for my Masters SW 690 class. My research project was on people with physical disabilities and employment. I have a lot of friends who are physically disabled and are discriminated in the work force because of their appearance, so you can imagine this is a close subject that is near and dear to my heart. I had to give a presentation on it last night and I was extremely freaked out because I had not paid attention to any of my research classes all semester. The professor is from Tawain and I have an extremely difficult time understanding him and I would just end up tuning him out for half of the class.. I know.. Bad student. .I am a great professional student to say the least..

Tuesday, I spent the day with Kelsey and Andrea. Andrea is headed to the DR (Dominican Republic) for two years to teach 1st grade.. We are so very proud of her and I cant be more excited for her.. I will miss our dear phone coversations, but she has a blog, which will be helpful to stay in touch with her! She is coming home for Christmas, so I will be able to see her then too!! It is exciting... I am hoping to visit her during Spring Break if my internship isn't out of the country or I am hoping to do it near Hatia.. God knows my sense of adventure.. You're either a Tigger or Eeyore.... You gotta decide for youself.... I am definately a tigger and definately a tigger lover for life....

Today I am studying at GVSU for my school social work certification.. If i pass the test it will help make me eligible for my school certification, which will be awesome towards my licensing... sighs.. Its a big day today..

Tommorow is even bigger.. My mom is going in for some testing.. The doctors do not believe she has any cancer, but they found a spot on her mammogram, so she had to go back in for a second one.. And then we are off to pick up all our disney travel information!! We are so stoked for this and really need a vacation..

Well, I need to get studying.. Here are so pictures from our mall date in Lansing...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad Week!

This week has been such a bad week.. Everything seems to be going wrong. First, I get fired, my Aunt is dying of Cancer, and then my dog gets a really bad puncture wound.. The weekend has shaped up to be a bit better.
This afternoon Drew's family had a family get together.. It was nice to be able to see the entire family. .I got some great pictures of the kiddo's.. I think a couple of them are good enough to be sent to LAY'S potatoe chips for some money.. lol.. enjoy..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Letting Go & Letting God

Often, it is hard to let God take his course, when an individual won't let go. I am the type of individual who likes to have complete control over my life. I believe this is human nature to do so. I however, am trying to let God in and let go, which is something very hard to do. There are many different situations that are surrounding me and I need to let him do what he is going to do. I need to trust that he has full control over the situation. For the next month, I am going to allow him to work in my life, learn to stay at home and relax and enjoy a months vacation... I am excited for Mackinaw and Disney World... These are much need excursions.... I plan on going on to camp this week and seeing my friends.. I have two big projects let for my two classes and then I am done! Praise the Lord!
Have a blessed week.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Let Go"

Today I was let go by Pages in Time due to asking time off to go to Mackinaw Island and Disney World for two weeks. As you can imagine, this is extremely upsetting and will be handled in just matter. As I speak for children around the world who need someone to speak justice upon them, justice will be served in this situation regarding being "let go" for taking vacation time. .It is unbelieveable and I will keep people posted as this continues...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My First Grad class is over!!

Anyone who says being a professional student is easy, lies!! I have been a professional student for about four years now and will continue for another two.. I am tired of school, but know that it is the best for my field!

This evening, I just finished my first Masters Class, which was a policy class on Children & Family. I remembered when I first walked into class, I thought it was going to be the hardest one because of all the homework invovled, but it turned out to be okay. I think this weekend I will celebrate finishing my first class my ordering pizza and maybe eating lots of ice cream!! Anyways, it was an accomplishment. Now I have three weeks of my other two classes and then I will have two weeks off to enjoy SUMMER VACATION!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation Blessing

Drew and I have been wanting to somewhere for a while together. Now, if Drew was a girl my parents would not think twice about me going with a best friend on vacation. However, the fact is that he a guy and I believe that things are a bit more sticky.
Drew has an entire week off in August.. And I decided to take that same week off too. Yesterday, he was bold enough to ask my dad for what I would like to call the "vacation blessing." He asked my dad if it was okay that we went up to Traverse City for a week and my dad said "yes, you're both adults, I trust you." This is pretty exciting to me because I want my parents to be okay with things, even though I know I am 22, but I still live in their house and want to be respectful of their rules.. So, Drew and I are going on vacation for a week..Up North..

We already plan to go to Great Wolf Lodge for two days.. I need ideas for the second leg of our trip.. Any great up north experiences we should have?? Get back to me!!!

ITC is for lovers!! Part 2

It was so great to step back on the trails on Indian Trails Camp.. To see all the lovely beautiful campers and amazing staff.. Loved it.. I had a blast during council fire which consisted of a Harry Potter theme, which was amazingly funny.. And I got to see some of my favorite loved campers friday. .On top of that, I topped it off with some good ole fashion Dairy Queen Addiction..... Great night.. Good weekend.. I am ready to start the week filled with lots of homework..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Africa Lover For Life

Today I was recalling some of my Africa memories from January. You just develop a love for the country that you cannot explain to any one or you cannot experience any other way till you go there. I look forward to the day when I can go back again! I believe I would like to adopt a set of brothers/ sisters from South Africa. GVSU is offering a trip to Ghana, which is in Africa.. I have thought about wanting to go, but I dont know.. I really just want to interact with the kids and families there... Sighs...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A reader

I have always been a reader and not just a book lover, but a people reader too. I have always been able to pick up other people's non-verbals. I am reader that is for sure.. Nothing gets me more excited then a good book. I just finished a book called "Hopes Wish", which is all about a little girl who battles Cancer for a year. The story is truely inspiring and talks about how she grants 155 wishes for the Make A Wish Foundation.. It is definately a tear jerker, but is now my favorite book. This book is so funny, inspiring and magical. I could not put it down. Today, I went to the book store and walked away with two new books that I am excited to read. I have a grand total of 17 books I need to read this summer, plus all my homework.. Exciting..... I know.. Keep me posted..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ultrasound part2

The ultrasound results came back normal, which is great, but I am still in pain... They are going to give me drugs to ease the pain, but that is not solving the root of the problem.. It is just fixing a temporary problem.... So, well, I guess we will see if it works...

Today I was looking at this picture and was thinking how cool is that? The earth looks so cool below at 14,000 ft... I am ready to go on a hot air ballon ride...


Yesterday, I had an ultra sound. No, I am not pregnant in case you havent read previous posts.. The ultra sound did not go the way I would hope for it to go. They were just going to do a normal ultrasound where they would get a full picture of my ovaries through the stomach, but that was a problem, so instead they did a different kind of ultra sound, which I will spare the details about, but it was rather painful and well, I didnt know they had the technology to do and go where they did.. haha... I can laugh about it..

I will know the results in 2-5 days. I'll keep you kids posted.. In other news.. .I am ready to go on vacation...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

I just love the 4th of July. I love it for very silly reasons.. I like the tradition of knowing what is going to happen on the 4th.. You know that you're going to the parade and that fire works are in store.. I just love it....

This year Drew and I went to the parade in Grandvile with the fam and then we we headed out to Hungry Horse for some good ole camping with his fam.. I love to go camping.. It is very nice to just sit and relax and do nothing... I spent most of the time reading a book, monitoring my skin cancer from Africa, enjoying the pool and watching Baby Sylvia drink a wine cooler.. It was quite the weekend and I am not ready to go back to the school week full of homework.. Yuck..
Here are some pictures for enjoyment.

The parade..

He always manages to take nice artsy ones that I like..

At Hungry Horse...

The baby loves wine coolers...

Oh, the woods...

The Job decline email

Dear Colleagues, Friends & Family,
As many of you know I was offered a wonderful job opportunity in a school social work position with an outstanding salary and awesome benefits. I decided not to take the position based on a number of different reasons, but it mainly came down to a “gut” feeling that told me it was not right for me. I have learned to trust that “gut” feeling and that internal tuition made me feel not at peace about taking the position. I know that I am more then completely qualified and able to take on such responsibilities, but it was not the right place for me, nor the right timing. I am completely at peace about this decision. This peace was furthered in my mind when the individual who I spoke with on the phone to decline the job position responded in such an unprofessional manner with rude comments. I know that if the Lord has me in Jackson or in a school social work, he will bring me another opportunity that is the right decision, in the right timing, with the right people.
I wanted to thank all of you who have been a part of this and have offered your opinions, resources and wiliness to help me develop as a professional. This was a hard decisino and was extremely hard to turn down, espically since this is exactly waht i want to do in the social work field. This will not be the first and last time that I will come to you for professional development advice, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate all of you and wish you many blessings.
Thank you,
Sarah Smith

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Prayers Needed Again

This morning I went to the doctor to talk about a scar on my back from South Africa as well as to talk to my doctor about some painful periods that I have had over the last three months.

Basically, I need to keep 40spf sunscreen because I am now in danger of skin cancer. Eventually, I will need it lasered off my back.. This is the minor of the two situations..

Monday, I go in for a pelvic ultrasound and some other junk.. Basically, they believe I have Cysts on my ovaries and that they are bursting every month.... Fun eh?
Prayer are needed. Hopefully, they find something or they give me answers for the pain I am experiencing.
Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

$37k, School Social Work Job

I was offered a school social work position at a school in Jackson today. I would be making $37,000 a year, which would be nice. .The question I am asking myself is .. Do I want to move to Jackson? Prayers are so needed..