Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is real, this is me.. I am exactly where I am supposed to be..

I must apologize for the lack of updates. Last week was a very bad week and I did not really have a lot of postive things to say because I was feeling pretty down. I am very un happy with my place of unemployment and while I do not want to say anything bad, I feel that things have not been handled in a respectful manner and I cannot stay there anymore because my attitude is very dis-respectful and I do not want to carry that... It's not healthy, so I believe that I will be quitting whether a job is lined up or not.. Sometimes, you just have to do what is emotionally healthy....

On another note I have a school interview on Tuesday! Prayers are so much needed!! I need this one or I need it to go well because I am getting burned out on the job search!

On another note, I have had so much homework lately. It is getting to the middle of the semester where they pile on the work load.. It is getting very difficult to keep plugging away at it.. But I will keep going as long as the good Lord gives me the strength.....

I am ready to go on vacation or on a road trip... Wouldnt it be nice to go on vacation and not worry about the money.. It would be great to just spend on whatever I wanted, however i wanted too... Such as life..

Alright, well, I will try to update this more over the week... I cant wait to go visit some of my campers at I.T.C.

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