Sunday, June 8, 2008

Major Update...

I have been really wanting to blog this past week, but it seems that everything else has taken priority.

Saturday- June 14th is my open house. If you're needing directions or for some reason did not recieve an invite, but would like to come, shoot me a message.

Sarah Rotman is engaged!! Just thought I would let that news out.. Yippie!!!

I have an interview tommorow with a senior home care place for seniors who need assisted living.. Not my ideal perfect job, but an interview and I am grateful for that!

My best friend Andrea is moving to the Dominician for two years to teach and has informed that plane tickets are relatively in expensive, so I may be going to the Dominican for Spring Break.. And hopefully, possibly going to Haiti.... Which would be faboulous...

I have lots of homework, exams and paper this week, plus I am trying to update my scrapbooks for my open house and working too.. It is going to be a busy week, but I wanted to give a quick update!!
Hope all is well and I miss everyone.
Take Care & God Bless..

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wheels said...

Hope ur week goes smoothly! Enjoy ur party on Saturday!!!:)