Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is a Battle

People who know me close, reconize that I am running into a person from the past, whom isn't going away. People who know me, know that it makes me very nervous. I have tried to put the past behind me in order to move on to the future, but I cant move on when the past keeps coming back. When the emotions, tears and frustration come back. I have seen this person multiple times in the past four weeks and I am getting sick of it. It makes me feel like Grand Rapids is too small. I am ready to move. I am willing to relocate for any type of job even if its out of the country...
I feel like i cannot breathe here.. It's frustrating and emotionally drainning.. Go away and stay away.. I am sick of seeing you everywhere!!!

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Wheels said...

I'm sorry that u r hurting so badly! I'll definately be praying 4 u! Take care and keep staying strong!