Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This afternoon a friend called me and is having a struggle in her marriage. She has been married for 26 years and has hit a point of no return. Her marriage is falling apart, she has been unhappy for the last 10 years and has stayed with him because it is safe. She wants to leave him and as a christian and a friend.. .What advice should I give? I tell her I want to be happy and that I want her to live an abundant life, but her and I both know that she cannot do that if she doesnt leave him. The details are not really necessary for this posting, but in her best interest and concering her safety, I believe it important that she leaves him. How do you leave someone after 26 years when everything has become so comfortable, when you have put up with the same crap day and day out and never do anything about it? It makes me feel sad, angry, frustrated, leaves me with questions, doubts and other feelings that I don't think marriage is supposed to leave you with.

Marriage is hard and I know that, but does it really do this to people? Does it lower one self image and self esteem that they can barely scrap themselves off the ground to make the decision to leave because its the only healthy thing to do. I dont really know. I dont know.. It makes me nervous and unsure of what to say or do.


wheels said...

I'm sorry about your friend! I'll keep her in my prayers!

Unknown said...
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