Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Words of Wisdom from the Great Bonnie Holiday

You are a very capable young woman and you WILL be able to do this program. My daughter is in the program at U of M and it has been challenging because of the demands on her time, internship, classes, working, socializing etc... It will tax your relationships however it will also give you great information about who is a TRUE support to you. When I was in my MSW program and working 30 hours a week with two small children I had people volunteer to care for my kids and some even cooked meals for me. In order to maintain a social work career you MUST have TRULY supportive people in your life. I know you have people in your life that drain you because you are easy to talk to and supportive of others. This MSW program will help you prioritize who you spend time with and how often. When I did my MSW I sat everyone down (family and friends) and said I would be unavailable for two years (my program was longer). I even tried to get out of doing Christmas. Many of my friends agreed to dispense with the Christmas gift exchange for those two years and it was VERY helpful. It was one more thing I did not have to spend my limited energy on.

Protect yourself - no one else (here on earth) will.

Doing an MSW is a wonderful growing experience. You will learn much about yourself as well as those around you. You deserve to get an MSW and enjoy it! You will meet some exciting new people and going to a secular university you will have the privilege of looking at the field of social work in a whole new perspective. Then when it is all over you are much more marketable and you will have more employment freedoms. And another benefit - maybe you could teach some classes in our Grand Rapid site (after two years of practice)!!

Hang in there. The Casting Crowns song, "Voice of Truth" helped me tremendously. We will encounter many well meaning people who speak the wrong words to us. If God has put you on this path and opened doors He too will give you the strength to proceed. In my first year of Ph.D. school I almost quit because it seemed so overwhelming. I knew I was doing God's will and that song gave me great comfort. Always pray for energy and it will be provided. Make sure God is whispering in your ear and not anyone else. God bless you. You are in my prayers.


Bonnie Holiday, LMSW, ACSW
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