Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So, you want to change the world?

Sometimes I get that overwheliming feeling when I see their sad faces.. Sometimes I feel helpless. Good things can happen, I just need to believe... It only takes one voice..

Today, my girl who is on my case load who was sexually abused is being re-tramitized at home.. Mom isn't seeking crisis therapy for herself or daughter. Daughter is regressing majorly from the event. Dad was sexually abusing daughter and daughter disclosed to me a month ago.... Dad is out of the home and has lost all rights to daughter.
I met with her therapist today and learned that mom may lose custody of her childern because she simply has checked out due to the traumatic experience... It is very hard because I am put in a difficult situation. At school, we encourage students not talk about those incidents on a frequent basis, but she obviously need to talk about.. I have to be careful about my role with her and let her know what is appopriate for school behavior. She is acting very sexually in school and is blurting her emotional vomit on all the students for attention because she wants to be noticed, loved and cared for.. Mom simply is not providing this... AHHHHHHH Mom wont accept any goverment assistance and dad was the income.... Mom doesn't have a job.. It is very sad... Sometimes, I think that when you feel like you're changing the world, you're also crashing the world of someone else. Safety is number one in my book for childern, but this situation stinks for the entire family... I am thankful that she disclosed the information because dad could have continued to hurt her.. Sighs..

Lately, I have been running a lot because this helps me re-focus my life.. I am getting much more lean and I can see that... Happy Dance!!! I am working all weekend! Yippie.. And I have that disabilites policy report due soon!! Yikes!!

It only takes one voice.....

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Anonymous said...

i worked in a high functioning special ed room for 3 years in arizona. and it's amazing the stuff that goes on with families. and i know how hard it is to feel helpless. but you are's all about keeping the kids safe. it sounds like you're doing an amazing job sarah.

hey! we work together tomorrow night!:)