Sunday, February 3, 2008

Processing South Africa Part 1

Over the past week, I have had the opportunity to process my life. I have been in deep thought about who I am and where I am going. My trip to South Africa has presented a paradigm shift. The shift is unshakable and unmovable. I will not move, but rather sit on everything, question my life and continue to try to process my personal thoughts. I realize that the kingdom is at hand with all of this..... I am desperate to find out where God is taking me in the next part of my life. I am longing to find how God is going to teach me the hum the journey because I do not know the words yet, I need him to show me the kingdom. In order to help me process the journey I have decided stories matter. Living breathing humans have a story. Behind every smile and frown, there is a story that demands to be told. Over the next few months I have decided to tell the stories for those who are voiceless. Their stories will never be told, but since my voice has influene, my promise is that the stories will be told. These people matter. These people are the children of God who are called, who have purpose, who have a name, a story and a face...

My first story involves a beautiful little girl who is deeply loved by the creator. While on the streets in the township of Mphophomeni, I met this beautiful little girl with a smile that could light up the world. As I greeted her, I could see the pain behind her eyes, but she smiled and talked to me with confidence. Although, I do not remember her name, I remember our conversation. It went something like this... "You're a beautiful little girl who has a smile that grins from ear to ear". "Thankyou". I asked her what her name was and she told me. I then told her my name. I handed her some crayons and to my surprise, she thought it was food. I was astonished. I began to show her how you write with it, but she did not understand... Too bad Crayola does not know that, they would market it... As we continued in small talk, she said the most beautiful thing to say... "I love you"... I about lost it...I could not even say anything, but simply hug her for the fear of tears. It was the most beautiful moment. Here this little girl in Africa, who I assume to be an orphan in a township, says, “I love you.". My questions then became ... Whom does she live with that instills this type of confidence for her to boldly say this? Whom is the person teaching her love? Does she know the type of implications that type of statement means? Why could I not tell her that I loved her? Why did I feel completely empty as I walked away from something so precious? The thoughts still linger in my mind, but I will never forget the little girl who said the precious words of “I love you." I pray that someday I will meet her again, if not on earth, then in Heaven.

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jill s said...

what a sweet entry.
it sounds like your trip was amazing.
i can't wait to hear more stories.