Tuesday, February 5, 2008


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First, I would like to touch base on daily living items. Today, I started my internship at Godwin Heights, which is a lower income based school district that has many needs. I am already overwhelmed with all that I expected to accomplish there, my homework and then add a job and extra time to train for a race.. I know that within time I will figure out how it all fits in, but currently I am unsure.
Tonight Rachel (my 12 year old sister) had a choir concert and she even had a speaking part. She did a wonderful job! Also, on the 26th she goes on to regionals for the Spelling Bee!!!
Second, I have a couple of prayer requests. Drews cousin Nicki is (5-6months) pregnant and she fell last night. She ended up staying in the hospital for the night and I haven’t heard any updates, but if you could keep her in your prayers… Also, my Grandpa Taylor in Texas is very sick and needs some prayer. He is having a hard time swallowing and drinking regular liquids. He is all kinds of physical pain, so prayers for healing and restoration. My Grandma Taylor needs continual prayers for strength and encouragement to keep persevering. A final prayer would be a nice snow day tomorrow! I would enjoy that!!

Alright, as promised here is another story from Africa.

Our first weekend we attended a little church called Soweto Vineyard. Soweto is another informal township. Soweto Vineyard church is composed of many twenty members and our team made up half of the congregation that day. As the service ended, the pastor asked us if we would be willing to pray for the children. One by one children came up to us. We asked them for their name and what prayer requests they had. My first was this real little guy who I could barely understand, but he was cute. Second, I was greeted by this girl on my left( Hope is the one in the lime green) who is 14 years old. Her name was something long and beautiful that I forget, but her name meant hope. As I began asking her what she needed prayers for, this 14 year old teenager began spilling heart to me through tears. She told me that her dad was very sick and could not work. Her mom was without a job and could not find work. She was without schooling. She told me that for her to attend school, it would cost her $60 rand, which equates $8 in American money. How could a child be turned away from school at the cost of $8? I could not fathom this. Here in the United States you cannot even buy crayons, notebooks and pencils for under that. I did what any person who is human would do. I talked to the team of Vox to find out if it was okay for me to give her the money and they told me yes. They wanted us to be careful, so we were not just giving handouts that the people would depend on other Americans in the future. I became thankful real quick. A college education puts me at the top 1% in the world. We learn that stat over there. Going to college has been such a blessing and each day I continue to learn how blessed I am to receive a college education. God continues to show me how blessed I am.

Have a great night! Be blessed!!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
~ Romans 15:13~

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