Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Best of Tonight

This week has proved itself to be absoutely nuts.
Between snow storms, being sick, Child Protective Services trainning, Work and crazy kids I have found myself completely worn out. I can barely work on my parents party, let alone transfer over 100 numbers onto a new cell phone because apparently my phone was damaged when I brought it to Africa. It was due to the high elevation... It's been a week!! Is Spring Break coming soon? I am ready for a vacation!!

Another Africa story..
Talking about nuts.. How about driving in a foreign county on the opposite side of teh road? Well, my professor decided he was up for the challenge! He decided to drive a bunch of crazy girls to Pieterzsburg. As we entered the city his driving proved that he was a true American who could not drive on the opposite side without hitting things. We finally hit a curb where our hub cab went flying off. Dana was very brave and jumped out of the van to chase after it. She ended up getting it and we tried so hard to not laugh when she jumped back in, but we couldn't contain ourselves!! Here we our with the hub cab!!!

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Anonymous said...

that picture is awesome!

and i really hope things settle down for you soon!

do we ever work together again!? :)