Friday, November 2, 2018

Silencing Insecurity: Believing God's Truth about You by Donna Gibbs

38502451Silencing Insecurity: Believing God's Truth about You

Thursday, November 1, 2018

This Season of Angels: Angelic Assignments During This Prophetic Season by Perry Stone

40605603This Season of Angels: Angelic Assignments During This Prophetic Season

In This Season of Angels: Angelic Assignments During this Prophetic Season, Perry explores the significance of angels, the visitation of them and why God sends Angels to us. This book is full of information about angels and Perry answers different questions with scripture. 
During each chapter, Perry looks at the functions of Angels, their roles, dreams, revelations, healing, protection, salvation, death of believers, spiritual warfare and so much more.  He uses many stories from his personal life, experiences and those from the Bible. 
I thought the information about the fragrance of angels in the room was very interesting. I was very surprised by this information and I found it intriguing. 
Overall, I thought this book was interesting, especially as I never thought about how angels functioned in the Bible. I found this book to very informative, helpful and encouraging. 

About the Author:

Perry StonePerry Stone directs one of America’s fastest growing ministries - Voice of Evangelism. From its 70,000 square foot International Ministry Center, Voice of Evangelism is striving to reach the world with the gospel of Christ through revivals, television, audio/video media, printed material, and missionary sponsorship. Perry has authored over forty books and booklets; produced over one hundred videos and DVDs, and hundreds of audio teaching albums series. Perry publishes The Voice of Evangelism magazine. Manna-Fest with Perry Stone, a weekly television program, can be seen nationally and internationally via cable and satellite systems around the world.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Odd(ly) Enough: Standing Out When the World Begs You To Fit In by Carolanne Miljavac

38749338Odd(ly) Enough: Standing Out When the World Begs You To Fit In

Humorous. Authentic. Relatable.
That's Carolanne Miljavac in a nutshell.
And those qualities are just what her nearly half a million social media followers adore about her. Her Odd(ly) Enough is a message that your heart needs to hear: It's time to embrace the "you" God made you to be. 
Tune out the naysayers of the world and jump into His loving arms. He'll walk alongside you as you passionately pursue your God-given purpose. With chapters like “Who Do You Think You Are?,” “Control Freak,” and “Mistakes and Grace,” you will find yourself becoming a little more courageous. . .and a lot more confident about God’s purpose for your life. 

My Thoughts:
Carolanne writes about the freedom she has found in Christ. From an authentic perspective, as a reader we get the glimpse into how God has wired Carolanne and how He has restored her from a difficult past. This book gives hope to any reader who has struggled to find freedom. 
From giving up control, to all the allowing the Lord to take control, Carolanne knows what it's like to spend time daily in the presence of God. When we grow for ourselves, we grow for others. This book isn't just about the journey Carolanne went on with God, but the journey that each readers goes on with God as well. I highly encourage you to give this book a read. I really enjoyed the read and give this book 5/5 stars. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Win from Within: Finding Yourself by Facing Yourself by John W. Gray III

39088887Win from Within: Finding Yourself by Facing Yourself

Mega-Pastor and media personality John Gray uses powerful Biblical principles to help you become your best self -- the person God created you to be. In WIN FROM WITHIN, John Gray helps readers identify how best to handle the most difficult, challenging and yet necessary battle that we all face-our inner struggle to overcome the worst versions of ourselves. He offers biblical lessons to aid in combatting bad habits and limiting patterns so that the best version of ourselves emerges.
John W. Gray III

Monday, October 29, 2018

Happily: 8 Commitments of Couples Who Laugh, Love & Last by Kevin A. Thompson

38502440Happily: 8 Commitments of Couples Who Laugh, Love & Last

This  book is about 8 specific commitments that couples need to make in marriage to make it better. All couples know that in order to make their marriage great, they must work on it together. This book is one that helps you look at 8 specific commitments to make your marriage better. Each chapter outlines a specific topic followed by a series of questions that is perfect for quiet time with your spouse. 
Anyone who is looking for their marriage to grow and succeed, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and read it, with your spouse. It will help you grow in areas you didn't know you needed.